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Travel FAQ To Singapore


# How can one enter Singapore?


Singapore is directly connected through air to the Middle East, Australia, North America, New Zealand, and South Africa. In fact, within Asia, this small country has excellent ties with other prominent Asian countries such as India, China, Thailand and Indonesia.


# Do I need Visa to travel to Singapore?


Depending upon your country, your visa requirements may change accordingly. As a rule, most county residents are offered Visa on arrival provided they present their return tickets as well as an evidence to cover their means to cover their stay in the country. However, it is important to consult your embassy or your travel agent to get to know any further details regarding the same.


# When is the best time to travel to Singapore?


The best time to travel to Singapore is from June to August. However, the weather may still be humid and rainy and packing should be done keeping that in mind.


# Do I need travel insurance for Singapore travel?


Yes, it is important that you have travel insurance as it covers any damages or luggage loss that may occur during the vacation.


# Is tipping customary in Singapore?


There is no set tipping code in Singapore, thus, left to your own discretion. However, many good hotels include a 10% surcharge in their bills as service charges.


# What is the internet accessibility in Singapore?


Singapore has widespread internet access with Wi Fi hot spots and internet cafes found in every nick and corner of the city including hotels, airports, malls and restaurants.


# Can I use my Mobile phone in Singapore?


Yes, you can, provided your global roaming is on. Mobile phone coverage is excellent over there, thus ensuring that you are always connected with your loved ones.


# What is the credit card acceptance situation in Singapore?


Most of the major credit cards are accepted in majority of the Singapore stores. However, small vendors seldom accept any so it is wise to carry some extra cash to cover these small purchases.


# What are the common emergency numbers of Singapore?


Following the emergency contact numbers in case you need them in any emergency:

  • Fire: 995
  • Ambulance: 995
  • Drug and poison information center: 6423 9119
  • Singapore General Hospital: 6222 3322
  • Police: 999


# What is the ATM accessibility in Singapore?


ATMs accepting all the major foreign cards can be found at all places in Singapore. Most o the retailers do not accept the travelers checks though they can be easily exchanged at any exchange booth.




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